Amy Richter and Angie Shelton

We’ve known Frank for years as a former neighbor and a realtor.  That said, when we first put our house on the market in spring of 2008 poor judgment got the better of us and we elected to work with another realtor. Things simply didn’t work out and eventually we retrenched, pulled the listing and settled in for another 8 months.

Then one day in June 2009, a call comes from out of the blue.  Someone is interested in our house, though not listed, and while it would have been “cheaper” to pass on enlisting a realtor to help us explore this opportunity, neither of us felt equipped to go it alone.  With some trepidation – remember, we hadn’t listed with him before – we called Frank and without hesitation, without any bitterness whatsoever, he basically hopped in his car, bottle of wine in hand, and came over to talk with us. 

Thus began a 4-month journey to sell one home and find another.  It ended happily ever after, but did it ever have its twists and turns, laughter and tears, confusion, enlightenment, and everything in between.  And the guiding force throughout – bless him – was Frank, without whom we would have lost out on our lovely, perfect, awesome new home…and investment. Frank was determined, steadfast, calm (in his Type-A sort of way), relentless, empathetic and the accolades could go on and on.  In fact, we’ll list a few mor
       He is the champion of his clients and their interests, not his own
      He listens – to what you want, what you need, what you’re worried about, excited about – and he respects your opinions.  That said, he will push back and challenge you to think about things you wouldn’t have otherwise.  That may be the most valuable ingredient of all. 
    He is the expert and when tough decisions are required, he draws on that expertise to “arbitrate” the conversation.    
     He is the consummate project manager, pulling all the levers and gathering all the needed resources to get one house ready to sell and another one ready to be purchased.  We both have tremendous appreciation for the skill that takes.

Lest we forget to state some important facts, here’s a couple to keep top of mind
    In a down market, we had final, agreed-upon contract on our old home within 11 days of listing.
  We looked at no fewer than 35-40 homes before finding the right one and Frank never wavered in looking for more.
  We closed and moved into on our new home exactly 2 months from the day we listed the old home.

Beyond the obvious satisfaction of finding and now living in our dream home, we discovered something maybe more valuable…our friend Frank.

Susanne Garrard

Dear Frank,

Thank you so much for your tired less effort in selling my Condo. This is the third time you have helped me selling and buying and I can't imagine not having you as my Real Estate Agent. This last time you really outdid yourself, you went far and beyond what can be expected from an agent, that's why you have become a friend rather than a business associate. You get the highest marks for your professionalism, your experience, your positive outlook, your ability to sell. I felt you always had my best interest in mind in selling as well as in buying. Any customer who is lucky enough to do business with you will not be disappointed. You are one in a million and I am so glad our path crossed for the first time in 2004. 

Kind regards,


Matt and Heena

We cannot put into words just how helpful Frank was when we were buying our first home. We initially tried searching for properties on our own; however, we did not know how much home we could afford and typically ended up looking at run down homes in bad neighborhoods. We decided to contact Frank, he scheduled an intital consultation, he walked us through financing options, discussed a realistic price range, and began emailing us selected properties. The following week, Frank took us to view homes, we fell in love with a move-in ready home in Forest Hills. Frank handled the negotiations and with in 4 weeks we closed on the house. Its been nearly four months since we've moved in and we're still in touch; Frank truly made a complicated process, easy, fun, and straight forward.